Wellness Series 3 – Release and Replenish


Class 1: Discussion on Release and Replenish
Moving from winter into spring is a time to release the sluggishness that accompanies the winter season and welcome the freshness that spring has to offer. Learn how to change your old thinking patterns and act in a new positive way.

Class 2 : Release and Replenish
We begin with a pranayama, purifying the mind and body through the breath. Then move through a flow with intention and a bit of intensity, to warm our bodies. We will focus on twists to release toxins and tension. Then wind down with more restorative postures to replenish the body and mind. *Since this flow introduces some intensity, be sure to move at your own pace. If you have a to skip a few postures that’s fine, you can slowly build up to adding more postures to the sequence.

Class 3: Meditation through Twists
Twists help to release tension within the muscles, creating more space to receive nourishment. In Meditation through Twists, we’ll move slowly and break down the motion of a twist. As we exhale, we release that which no longer serves us.

2 Full Yoga Classes (40-60 min ea.)