Wellness Series 2- Nourish


Class 1: Discussion on Nourishment
Tuning into your needs and being honest about gives your mind, body, and soul nourishment. Also touching base on food and soil quality.

{Featured Well Being : Brittany Rosa of Dreadlock Rising talks about innate wisdom as it relates to health}

Class 2 : Yinyasa
Moving the body slowly and staying in poses long enough to allow a release to happen. Releasing tension and nourishing the body through the breath.

Class 3 : Meditative Cooking
Practice the art of meditative cooking and eating through kitchari, an Ayurvedic dish, suitable for all body types.

Full Yoga Classes

Restorative Yin: A sweet combination of yin yoga where we hold the poses for a few minutes at a time and surrender to the breath, along with restorative or total relaxation through asanas.

Nourishing Yin: A lot of focus on the breath and releasing tension within the connective tissue by holding poses for a few minutes at a time. Twists will also be incorporated to detox the body and mind.