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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions pertaining to CBD that you might be interested knowing the answers to!

Does CBD get you high?

No, CBD does not get you high, nor does it negatively impact your mind or mental process. CBD (Cannabidiol) is a non-psychoative component of the cannabis plant.

Many people are familiar with marijuana plants bread for high THC content, which is the specific cannabinoid that gets you high. However, cannabis contains many other cannabinoids, most of which do not get you high, like CBD. Some cannabis plants are bred for high CBD content exclusively, only containing trace amounts of THC (below 0.3% to be exact). CBD is the second most prevalent cannabinoid; it is non-psychoactive and doesn’t induce a high.

Is CBD Legal?

YES! Our products are made in accordance with State and Federal laws.  All products are available for shipping to any of the 50 states or world-wide.

Vermont Farmacy products are produced in a State-Licensed commercial kitchen under strict health code laws.

How does CBD make you feel?

It is important to take CBD with awareness.  Notice how you feel within your body and mind before taking CBD and then notice how you feel after.  CBD helps you to experience and feel the absence of pain, anxiety, and sluggishness. It helps to bring you into a balanced state of well-being.

What is Activated CBD?

When hemp grows flowers it produces CBD-A, the precursor to CBD.  We take our hemp through a process known as “decarboxylation”. This activates the compounds in the flower and makes it so that your body can use it for everything you need! Without this activation you would not be receiving CBD that can be utilized.

What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system (ECS) refers to a collection of cell receptors and corresponding molecules. Receptors are like little locks on a cell and the keys to these locks are chemical molecules called agonists or in this case endocannabinoids.

Edocannabinoids got their name from cannabis. Plant cannabinoids were discovered first. Endo means within, and cannabinoid referring to a compound that fits into cannabinoid receptors.

Endocannabinoids help to regulate the following: sleep, appetite, mood, motor control, immune function, reproduction, pleasure, pain, and memory.  Endocannabinoids are the chemical messengers that tell your body to get these processes moving and when to stop. They help maintain optimal balance in the body, also known as homeostasis.

Cannabinoid receptors are often what we associate with the endocannabinoid system. But, the ECS is more complicated than that. Enzymes also have a crucial role to play in the process. In the ECS, enzymes break down leftover endocannabinoids. Enter non-psychoactive CBD.

CBD works it’s magic on an enzyme. The enzyme in question is called FAAH, and it is responsible for pulling excess anandamide (aka ‘bliss molecule’) out of circulation. CBD puts a stop to this. Psychoactive THC works by mimicking the body’s own endocannabinoids. But, CBD increases the amount of endocannabinoids in your system.

CBD stops enzyme FAAH from breaking down all of the anandamide, and therefore makes more of it available for use by your cells. This is why CBD is a natural mood-lifter without psychoactive effects.

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Vt Farmacy Cultivation Techniques

Everyone should be conscious of the full-spectrum CBD products they use, including where they come from and how they’re made. This is especially important for things that go on or into our bodies.

We need to know that not only are the foods and medicinal items we use good for us but that they are produced responsibly.

Vermont Farmacy is dedicated to growing the finest hemp, and we accomplish this by a special, certified-organic, cultivation process combined with extensive quality control testing.

Committed to Sustainability

In order to produce the best hemp and reduce our impact on the land, we are committed to sustainable farming methods. Our land and plants are certified-organic through VOF and the USDA.

We utilize local, organic compost & fertilizers. Our hemp plants are grown at the top of the watershed and are spring fed with the purest water available. In our fields we utilize “pollinator pathways” which ensure rich biodiversity and a plethora of beneficial insects (bees, monarch, ladybugs etc.)

Instead of growing from clones, we always cultivate from our own seed stock.

Using seeds allows are plants to develop better taproots so that they can thrive in an outdoor climate. We start our seeds in our family greenhouse in small trays, the plants are then transferred to pots to begin the vegetative stage. In this stage, they get extra exposure to light and warmth to foster internal growth. During the flowering stage, the plant buds, producing the essential trichomes (resin) and hair-like follicles.

Plants are then harvested and hung or stripped of their leaves and buds in order to dry. When the correct moisture level is reached, the plants are then extracted.

Extraction & Formulation

Vermont Farmacy is “vertically integrated” meaning that we perform every function of our business in-house. We extract our hemp flowers utilizing a cold-ethanol extraction.  This allows us to preserve cannabinoids, flavonoids, phytonutrients and other beneficial compounds. Other companies prefer CO2 extraction, which allows them to isolate specific compounds but leaves much of the plant behind. All of the ethanol in our extraction is removed leaving us with a full-spectrum, pure, crude CBD oil.

Our products are then formulated in a GMP-certified commercial kitchen. Our chemist develops formulations based upon batch size and the concentration of our extract. Each product is tested at 4 stages before being packaged for consumers.

  1. Flower
  2. Extract
  3. Initial formulation
  4. Final Product

The ingredients that we utilize in our product formulations are sustainably sourced and certified-organic whenever possible.

Strict quality control

We take quality control very seriously. It begins at the flowering stage of cultivation and continues until products are finalized.

All cannabinoid levels are monitored with a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analyzer. In addition to looking at the hemp’s quality, this ensures that we remain compliant with the limits created by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture and the USDA in regards to hemp.

All our plants and products are also tested by independent certified labs for cannabinoid content and compliance. They also test for purity, which ensures that nothing we produce contains solvents or heavy metals.