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Wellness For All

The Vermont Farmacy was founded on the heels of wellbeing, a feeling we believe every person deserves.

As we grow a line of products to support bodies everywhere, we are concurrently offering services to assist the emergent in-person need for support (albeit over the interwebs!).  Erin Nohl, co-creator of Vermont Farmacy and Yoga Teacher is now sharing her yogic offerings with the world.

Monthly Wellness Series

Yoga, Movement, and Mind/Body Discussions to connect with your authentic Self.

We’ve created a monthly membership for folks wanting to create a dedicated space to deepen their practice as well as learn about the mind/body connection.  Each month has a chosen intention and the classes/lectures align to support the group focus.

What’s Included?

  • Three 20 minute classes {combined movement & lecture}
  • 2 Full-length Yoga Classes (40-60 minutes}
  • 20% off VTF products for the month



How do I receieve the classes?

Each month you will receive a special youTube link/password to access the classes.
Videos are prerecorded, so they can be watched at the subscriber’s convenience.



When do I receive the classes?

The shorter classes you will get upon signing up.
The full-length classes will be sent mid-month and end-of-month to support the intention.

Are the classes LIVE or can I re-watch them later?

All classes are pre-recorded so that you can watch them in your own time/space.

What else is included in the membership?

20% off all VT Farmacy products! Discount code will be sent out once you sign up.

Does my membership auto-renew every month?

Yes.  The subscription will auto renew every month based on the initial date of purchase (EX – If you sign up on April 1st, your next charge will be May 1st, etc).  If you’d like to cancel, you can unsubscribe at any time!

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Sign up for multiple months at a discount!

Erin's yoga is the best. She brings you into your body and your heart ... and reminds you that's the only place you want to be.

Kate Read Waterbury, VT
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VTF Featured Well-Beings

We’ve got a community brimming with insight for you.  If you’re curious about diving deeper into the wellness world, grab a cup of tea and settle into a wealth of wisdom.

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