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Wellness For All

Vermont Farmacy was founded on the heels of wellbeing, a feeling we believe every person deserves.

As we grow a line of products to support bodies everywhere, we are concurrently offering services to assist the emergent in-person need for support (albeit over the interwebs!).  Erin Nohl, co-creator of Vermont Farmacy and Yoga Teacher is now sharing her yogic offerings with the world.

Monthly Wellness Series

Yoga, Movement, and Mind/Body Discussions to connect with your authentic Self.

We’ve created a monthly membership for folks wanting to create a dedicated space to deepen their practice as well as learn about the mind/body connection.  Each month has a chosen intention and the classes/lectures align to support the group focus.

What’s Included?

  • Three 20 minute classes {combined movement & lecture}
  • 2 Full-length Yoga Classes (40-60 minutes}
  • 20% off VTF products for the month


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How do I receieve the classes?

You will receive a special youTube link/password to access the classes 1-3 business days after purchase.
Videos are prerecorded, so they can be watched at the subscriber’s convenience.



Can I purchase one series at a time?

Yes, you may purchase each VTF Wellness Series at any time you wish, and there is no limit or requirement for how many series you purchase.

Or you can join our monthly membership and receive a new Wellness Series each month.

Do I need to watch the Wellness Series in order?

It is not necessary to watch VTF Wellness Series in order.

Although the first series was filmed in January, the second in February, and so on – you can choose to begin with whichever series you are drawn to the most.

What else is included in the membership?

20% off all VT Farmacy products! Discount code will be sent out once you sign up.

Are the classes suitable for beginners?

VTF Wellness Series classes are suitable for everyBODY, whether it’s your first time trying yoga or you’ve been practicing for years.  The classes are designed to be all inclusive. If you have any questions or need clarification along the way, just email Erin at

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Wellness Series 1- INTENTION

Welcome to our first Vermont Farmacy Wellness Series! The theme for this series is intention. Class 1: Discussion & Lessons on Intention Class 2: Move and Flow with Intention Class 3: Guided Meditation to plant your seed of Intention Plus 2 full yoga classes: Moving with Intention + Slow Flow with Intention

Wellness Series 2 - NOURISH

The theme of this series is NOURISH! Let’s talk about what it means for you to feel nourished. How do you nourish your mind, body, and soul? How do you help others to feel nourished? What do you do to nourish our planet? Grab a notebook and let’s talk about what truly nourished YOU! Class 1: Discussion on Nourishment. Tuning into your needs and being honest about gives your mind, body, and soul nourishment. Also touching base on food and soil quality. Class 2: Yinyasa. Moving the body slowly and staying in poses long enough to allow a release to happen. Releasing tension and nourishing the body through the breath. Class 3: Meditative Cooking. Practice the art of meditative cooking and eating through kitchari, an Ayurvedic dish, suitable for all body types. Plus 2 full yoga classes: Restorative Yin + Nourishing Yin

Wellness Series 3: Release and Replenish

Release tension within the body and free the mind. Welcome nourishment and revive your Self. Class 1: Discussion on the practice of letting go of what we don't need and bringing what we do need Class 2: Movement, release & replenish Class 3: Meditation through Twists - a great way to detox the body & mind Plus 2 full yoga classes: Release and Replenish - Ignite your flame within and shake off the sluggishness of winter. Put on your favorite music to move to and find your groove! After we flow, we’ll twist it out and replenish our bodies and our minds with a few restorative postures. Spiral and Rinse - Tap into your Sacral Chakra and be playful! Release all that doesn’t not serve you well and replenish the body and mind with positivity and Light. Connect with your creative space and go with the flow.

Erin's yoga is the best. She brings you into your body and your heart ... and reminds you that's the only place you want to be.

Kate Read Waterbury, VT
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VTF Featured Well-Beings

We’ve got a community brimming with insight for you.  If you’re curious about diving deeper into the wellness world, grab a cup of tea and settle into a wealth of wisdom.

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