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About Us

Meet the Nohls Life Partners, Business Owners, and Best Friends

Early in their relationship, Erin and Colin knew they wanted to run their own business together. The dynamic duo enjoy spending time together and envisioned a space for their dogs and animals to roam, where they could grow luscious gardens, and play an active role in their community. Vermont Farmacy is the culmination of a simple dream, perseverance, and hard work.

Erin grew up in Vermont, gardening and sugaring with her family. She was taught at an early age the importance of tending to the land. Erin earned her BS in Wellness and Alternative Medicine and moved to Santa Fe, NM upon graduating. She worked for Herbs, Etc., and learned about FDA guidelines for herbs, supplements, and labeling. She also managed a local CBD shop, creating products and consulting with patients.  Erin is a lover and teacher of yoga, plants, and mindful practices.

Colin grew up in Santa Fe, NM and tagged alongside his father as he traveled across the state taking photos for New Mexico Magazine.  This is where Colin’s love for nature first began. Colin studied Business Management, and furthered his education in Architectural Design & Permaculture. He founded a landscaping & water-catchment business. He also managed a few award-winning restaurants and breweries in the Southwest. His passion continues to be working in nature with his hands in the dirt.


The Vermont Way

Vermont farmacy was founded on the land and crafted for the people

Vermont Farmacy is a Certified Organic hemp and medicinal herb farm, with a mission to help people to feel better. All VTF Products are made in an FDA certified GMP kitchen, which is held to the top standards of food quality & safety. Each batch is sent to a third-party lab to ensure proper dosage and compliance. By working with the land and instilling permaculture and regenerative agriculture practices, VT Farmacy is able to provide the highest quality ingredients for their mindfully crafted CBD products. VTF does things the Vermont way, proving their commitment to sustainability by living and farming 100% off-grid.

Erin and Colin Nohl in their hemp field
CBD Herbal Salve hardening while surrounded by herbs including pink roses, horsetail and hemp on a stainless steel table


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