CBD Herbal Salve (3oz)


Our CBD Herbal Salve finally has the look it deserves with fresh moon cycle label, low profile amber glass jar, and an ingrained bamboo lid.  Plus our salve now has double the CBD per jar!  Use Vermont Farmacy CBD Herbal Salve topically to help manage aches and pains.

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360mg CBD/Salve

Apply Vermont Farmacy CBD Herbal Salve to sore muscles & joints, chapped lips & skin, and post sun exposure.

We soak a blend of herbs (in olive & grape seed for a full moon cycle, creating a lunar oil infusion. This oil is then strained and mindfully mixed with our VT Farmacy CBD Coconut Oil and other soothing ingredients.

Ingredients: Lunar infused her oil (grapeseed oil, hemp oil, olive oil, calendula, rose, comfrey, arnica, meadowsweet, lavender, st.john’s wort, california poppy, chickweed, feverfew, horsetail, skullcap), CBD coconut oil, beeswax, coca butter, castor oil, shea butter, eucalyptus oil, magnesium, lanolin oil, sunflower lecithin.

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