CBD Ginger Simple Syrup (16oz)


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Dosage: 1oz of ginger simple syrup = 10mg CBD

Add one once of CBD Ginger Simple Syrup to beverage of choice, stir, and enjoy!

Our Ginger CBD Simple Syrup is a fun way to incorporate CBD into your life!
Vermont Farmacy’s Ginger CBD Simple Syrup is specially formulated to be water soluble. This means that it mixes well into water based solutions (eg. seltzer, tea, cocktails, lemonade, etc.).
It’s also great on its own or drizzled on edibles.
Our CBD Ginger Simple Syrup gets its flavor from juiced organic Peruvian ginger.

You can use this syrup in place of other sweeteners too.
This is a dangerously delicious product with a fierce ginger flavor!

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Weight 29 oz
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