CBD and Yoga

February 20, 2020 / Yoga

Talk about a match made in heaven!

The relaxing and pain relieving effects of CBD combined with one’s yoga practice brings a sense of peace within the mind and promotes flexibility within the body.

Yoga means to “yoke,” or union.  Yoga brings together the mind, body, and breath. The breath guides the body through each movement, tuning into the mind/body connection.  Through each moment, we move and breathe with awareness, becoming one with the Now.  Recognizing that now is all there is.

If you are one of the many students who experience constant mind-chatter, then CBD & Yoga are for you! Simply take Vermont Farmacy CBD sublingually 5 minutes before class, sit back, and notice the effects.  Notice, without analyzing or judging.  Simply take note of how you feel.
Many students find that they are able to more easily get into their yoga groove and be present.
We present the opportunity for you to give it a try!

Here’s Vermont Farmacy’s weekly virtual Yoga offerings on Zoom:

Restorative Yoga with CBD
Thursday evenings 5:30pm Eastern Time

Saturday Morning Flow
9:30am Eastern Time

email owner@vtfarmacy.com for more info