Illustration of Vermont Farmacy organic hemp farm

About Us

A Family Affair

Over the years our family has established several small businesses from sugaring and wreath-making to farming and landscaping.  Through these businesses, we’ve been lucky to carve out our own particular lifestyle, which we’ve manifested into the Vermont Farmacy.  This venture provides us the opportunity to combine all our family passions into one amazing brand and its sustainable and health-conscious line of products.  We keep it rustic; our sugar shack lacks electricity and is heated, year-round, from wood we’ve chopped on our own property.  We feel that maintaining some traditional aspects to farm-life make our products even better!

The Vermont Farmacy was founded on the heels of wellbeing, a feeling we believe every person deserves. We are Vermont Farmers, working the land that’s been in our family for generations. From cultivating the soil, growing and harvesting our crops, to making value-added products and getting them to you.  We’ve learned family business is the only business and we hope this resonates with you as it has with us.  Along the journey we’ve made a few discoveries about how to make life better, for ourselves, and those we care about.

Join our Family and find out what the Farmacy can do for you.

This Is Us

We’re Erin and Colin Nohl – farmers, entrepreneurs and newlyweds.

What better way to start our lives together, than by founding our own business?!  Lucky for us, we have amazing friends and family to help support us along the way. Together, we have backgrounds in Business, Alternative Medicine, Herbalism, Permaculture, and CBD remedies. We believe in our plants, products, and people.  Knowing that we are helping so many of you to feel better, makes it all worth while.

Erin and Colin showing off their hemp field
CBD Herbal Salve hardening while surrounded by herbs including pink roses, horsetail and hemp on a stainless steel table


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